• Share Sensitive Content Securely

  • Leave an Audit Trail

    ThinkRTC gives you full visibility into all user activity, file usage and sharing, internal or external, with complete reporting.

  • Reduce Risk

    Share sensitive information with auditors, investors, analysts or other teams without compromising the security of your documents.

  • Secure Infrastructure & Operations

  • Encrypted Archiving

    With Encrypted Archiving archived data is never unencrypted at rest or in transit providing the highest level of security. This enables customers to meet the most stringent of compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Safe Harbor Compliant

    The ThinkRTC platform is a safe harbor. If you’re building an application with strict security requirements, such as a wealth management service, we’ll work with you to make sure your application is built to comply.

  • Simplify Compliance

  • We Don’t Collect PII

    With ThinkRTC, all your user data is anonymized. End user data including logins, IP addresses, identities, payment information and more are never shared with anyone.

  • Encryption

    We use industry standard security technologies such as HTTPS support, secure RTP, HTTP authentication, secure WebSockets and application level authentication using tokens. This ensures that your information is always safe, whether it’s media, API or messaging traffic.