All in one place

Run Your Business Operations Remotely

how it works

Run your day-to-day operations with all of your employees and clients from anywhere in the world. Instantly take new clients from your website and manage them all through ThinkRTC. Including your employees!

Client Facing

Easily Manage Your Employees and Clients online

how it works

ThinkRTC streamlines how businesses work and communicate internally with customers across multiple channels.


Easy to Use Tools to Do Everything Online

how it works

Assign portals to the right customers and employees to keep conversations going and at the same time enabling them to update their information, share files and communicate in real time.


Make Your Business Efficient.

Client & Business Facing

Our Client Facing solution makes it easy to keep your client up to date with everything.


Cut time by up to 93% with e-signatures that fit right into your workday. Built in and easy to use.

File sharing

Store and share any files on the cloud specifically for each client. Secured, organized and automated.

Video Conferencing

Instantly have meetings online with screen sharing and video conferencing.

High Security & HIPAA Complient

100% HIPAA compliant, so have your client sign away and view documents in realtime!